DSTI Specializes In Large Rotary Union Designs


DSTI is a leading provider of large scale rotary union assemblies for hydraulic systems. The 6-passage unit pictured was designed for offshore use in the energy sector. It is used to transfer hydraulic fluid to rotating equipment. The two main fluid channels are designed for flow rates of 800 GPM under typical service conditions. Their 5" diameter flow passages have ISO 6164 flange connections. The rated service pressure for the union is 5000 psi, with a 1.5x safety factor. The union is pictured with a standard GP Series & LT Series rotary union for scale.

About DSTI- Dynamic Sealing Technologies specializes in the design, manufacture & integration of rotary unions & rotating joints. DSTI's rotary unions are used to distribute a variety of gasses or fluids from a stationary inlet to rotating equipment. They offer a full line of standard products for a wide variety of applications, as well as complete custom rotating union design & build services.


• Max. Pressure: 7500 psi* (510 Bar) • Max. Vacuum: 30 Hg* • Max. Rotational Speed: up to 850 RPM* • Max. Temperature: 350 deg F* (176 deg C)
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