Dual Device GFCI Outlet Box Offers Further Shock Protection


Reelcraft’s popular line of industrial grade cord reels now feature a new dual device Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) duplex box to help further protect against the risk of electric shock. Reelcraft’s portable cord reel with dual device GFCI receptacles is equivalent to a portable GFCI when in use. The new dual outlet box has a GFCI module containing an open neutral protection feature that allows the GFCI module to trip if a neutral wire is broken, thus reducing the risk of electrical shock.  The Circuit Guard® GFCI module is rated for 20 amperes and the receptacle can be ordered as 15 amperes or 20 amperes. The updated design satisfies all UL requirements for GFCI’s standard, UL 943, section, which requires open neutral protection for a portable GFCI.

Covering the receptacle in the GFCI duplex box is a marine device lift cover plate with a foam insert to form a seal between the electrical components inside the box and the lift cover plate. The duplex box also features corrosion-resistant, high visibility yellow and stainless steel hardware. The new GFCI duplex box is available with Reelcraft’s popular heavy duty spring retractable cord reel that features 45’ of #12/3 conductor type SJEOW industrial grade cord installed on the reel.


• Meets UL standard UL 943, section requiring open neutral protection for a portable GFCI. • Flip top box lid with compression foam creates a seal between electrical components and lid. • High visibility yellow • Stainless steel hardware • Two outlets rated at 15 or 20 AMPS • Led indicator light lets user know when box is receiving power • Reset/test buttons on reverse side of box
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