Dual Mode Heat Gun


Master Proheat STC, the world’s first heat gun to sense, display and control work surface temperature, has revolutionized heating tools.  Now Master introduces its new Proheat STC Dual Mode Heat Gun, Model PH-1610, combining the breakthrough STC Surface Temperature Control technology with standard electronic heat gun capability.

In STC Mode, this single heating tool with its high temperature, airflow and power rating: 

  • Eliminates over or under heating with an electronically integrated Infrared Sensor and unique Laser Targeting System that work together to control work surface temperatures
  • Speeds up the heating process, reaching your target surface temperatures fast
  • Enables you to work at the upper limits of the cure zone, automatically adjusting heat output to compensate for changes in distance from the work surface
  • Allows locking the target surface temperature and airflow settingsGreatly enhances process control over standard or conventional heat guns

In Standard Mode, the Proheat STC Dual Mode Heat Gun: 

  • Becomes a variable temperature, variable airflow heat gun with Electronic Sensor measuring and controlling temperatures inside the end of the nozzle
  • Provides dial-in temperatures from 170°F to 1000°F and airflow from 4 to 16 CFM
  • Allows locking the temperature and airflow settings for supervisory controlEnables use of (19) optional professional quality, stainless steel, attachments for a full range of general heating applications, including soldering / desoldering, heat shrink tubing, plastic welding and more


  • can sense, display and control work surface temperature
  • eliminates over or under heating
  • speeds up the heating process

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