Dual Protection Saves The Day


The DuPont Tychem 2000 SFR, a chemical and secondary flame protection coveralls, provides dual protection from the elements. This coverall is designed for workers in hazardous environments: refineries, petrochemical plants, laboratories, and hazardous maintenance operations. It protects against acids, bases, industrial cleaning chemicals, and particles. The Tychem 2000 SFR does not ignite, but must be worn over an appropriate flame-resistant garment along with personal protective equipment for faces, hands, and feet.


Special features of the Tychem 2000 SFR coverall include: a respirator fit hood with DuPont ProShield 6 SFR fabric lining; chin flap with double-sided adhesive tape for secure placement; elastic at the waist and tunneled elastic at the hood, wrist and ankle for improved fit. The garment design also includes a single flap closure over the zipper, with double-sided adhesive tape for additional chemical protection.


  • protects against inorganic acids and bases / industrial cleaning chemicals
  • repisrator-fit hood lined with ProShield 6 SFR
  • covered, braided elastic at the hood, waist, sleeve openings and leg openings
  • provides secondary flame resistance
  • chin flap with double-sided adhesive tape
  • single flap closure over the zipper with double-sided adhesive tape
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