Ductorseal® Hermetic Feedthroughs Eliminate Leak Paths


Ductorseal® feedthrough product line features precision-machined housings of aluminum, titanium, steel, brass, plastic or low out-gassing epoxy, and are available with a variety of standard or custom wire bundles, including AWG #38 through 500 MCM wires, cables and harnesses in virtually any length.
They are epoxy-sealed to provide leak-free performance in a range of operating environments, from 1x10-10 Torr through 15,000 psi, and from 4 K (LHe) through 200°C. High voltage and low cross-section wire feedthroughs operating up to 30kV-DC are also available. Conductor counts range from single wires through 3,200 or more wires. Connector configurations on both atmospheric and vacuum/pressure sides can be mixed and matched as needed. Ductorseal feedthroughs are widely used in applications ranging from automotive, semiconductor manufacturing, space simulation, military, and alternative energy, to air conditioning and refrigeration, X-ray, explosion-proof, oil and gas exploration, and glovebox.  DECo designs and manufactures feedthroughs, sealed cables, hermetic seals, sealed connectors, fiber optic seals, bulkhead connectors, coaxial connectors, ceramic feedthroughs, hermetically sealed connectors, electrical feedthroughs, vacuum feedthroughs and waterproof connectors. DECo can hermetically seal any conductor, including wires, cables, harnesses and fiber optics, through any housing, and to any leak rate and sealing level standard, including IP, NEMA and Military MTD-STD-810. The company also supplies value-added subassemblies, including transducers, sensors, switches, heaters, connectors, flex circuits, ribbon cables, thermocouples, fiber optics and other discreet components. Utilizing customer furnished or sourced materials, sub-assemblies are pre-tested, documented and ready to install.
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