Duplexor Detects Float Switch Inputs


ARC/ARD Series 8-pin plug-in duplexors feature sequence on simultaneous off (SOSO) three-input functionality.  They are designed to detect float switch inputs, from which the necessary outputs to turn on with line voltage is determined.

As the lag and lead switches open, the load remains energized. When all switches are open, both loads de-energize simultaneously and the lead load alternates. The ARD series has a three-position switch from which it provides the option to lock it either into normal duplexing action, 1-2 sequence or 2-1 sequence.

Typical applications for the ARC/ARD Series include water and wastewater, lift stations, water feeding, municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, and industrial pumps.


  • 8 pin plug-in duplexor featuring sequence on simultaneous off (SOSO) function
  • 120 vac control voltage
  • SPDT two line voltage outputs with a contact rating of 10a 1/3hp @120 vac (combined output)
  • UL recognized cURus
  • Easy installation and replacement
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