Durable And Reliable Pushbuttons


Enhancing the safety of public transportation, EAO's glass-mounted Series 57 Door Opening Pushbuttons provide the same advantages as standard front-mounted units. Single or double-sided versions can be easily affixed to one or both sides of the glass – four to six millimeters thick – without the need for special tools. Furthermore, double-sided door openers are configured independently providing added flexibility to control interior and exterior functions separately or correspondingly. These rugged pushbuttons boast exceptional shock and vibration resistance enabling them to function reliably for up to 2 million operations in harsh public environments with temperatures ranging from -40º to 85ºC.


Series 57 Pushbuttons are both stylish and user-friendly featuring an extra-large operating area (74 mm) and two-independently illuminated feedback rings which comply with EN 14752 requirements. Additionally, numerous customization possibilities are available including raised symbols with optional illumination, and integrated finding tones to assist visually impaired passengers. 

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