Durable Snap-Action Switches for Industrial Applications


Electroswitch announces the availability of its full line of Snap-Action Rotary Switches for industrial applications. The snap-action design ensures the switch will quickly make or break contact independent of the speed of the handle and will hold its set positions, even in a high-vibration environment. Transfer time is approximately 10 milliseconds.

With six basic models to choose from, and thousands of configurations possible, these durable switches feature continuous ratings ranging from 20 to 200 amps at 600 volts. Some configurations allow for as many as 4 positions and 12 poles. All switching takes place enclosed within molded phenolic disks to prevent contamination. Double-wiping, low-resistance contacts minimize heating, and the stationary contacts have been extended outside the disks to serve as connecting terminals. Nonshorting (break-before-make) contacts are standard. Shorting (make-before-break) contacts are available on request. An optional “sweep” contact maintains the connection with the rotor through consecutive positions. Rotation is unlimited and continuous in both directions. For limited-position models consult factory. Spring return is available on many models.

A four-hole mount configuration is standard on most models, however some models are available with a single-hole mount. Waterproof and base-mount versions are available. The largest model, the Series 107, is designed to handle an overload current up to 600A/600VAC (resistive, based on 50 operations).

Typical applications for Electroswitch Snap-Action Rotary Switches include mining, welding, and telephone equipment; transit-car air conditioning; overhead magnets; train warning lights; power-source/transformer-tap selection; and stage lighting. Pre-configured, application-specific models include Voltmeter Transfer Switches, Ammeter Transfer Switches, Three-Phase Reversing Switches, and Changeover Switches.

Prices start at $50.00 with delivery quoted between 1-5 weeks ARO.


• Poles - Circuit 1 = 8 MAX; Circuit 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 = 6 MAX • Positions - 2, 3, or 4 • Contacts - Break-Before-Make (Non-Shorting); Make-Before-Break (Shorting) • Action - Positive Snap Action - 90° • Indexing Movement - Unlimited Continuous Rotation in Both Directions or Factory Limited to 2 or 3 Positions • Mounting - Panel Mount, 4 Tapped Mounting Holes • Panel Thickness - 3/16" Standard • Rotor Contacts - Phosphor-bronze, Double Grip • Stationary Contacts - Copper, Integral with Screw Type Terminals • Construction - Contacts Enclosed in Molded-phenolic Disks
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