Dustless Grinding System with Optional Vacuum


Metabo Corporation now offers a compact, lightweight 5" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit for grinding in smaller areas and vertical applications.  The new system includes a Metabo WE14-125 Plus variable speed small angle grinder and a dust control shroud that protects users from harmful dust generated during surface grinding applications. When used with an optional vacuum, such as the Metabo ASR 2050  , the Surface Prep Kit helps protect users from silica dust exposure in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Made from virgin polyurethane, the 5" convertible shroud opens with ease, allowing operators to work into corners eliminating secondary work in hard to reach places.  Molded vacuum ports in the shroud allow vacuum connections for 2-1/4" internally and 2-1/2" externally.  A punched relief hole prevents vacuum lock. Metabo's new 5" Surface Prep Kit is ideal for heavy duty grinding and finishing of concrete floors and walls. Finishing of granite, marble or concrete countertops is also possible with the 5" Surface Prep Kit. The WE14-125 Plus angle grinder included with the kit features a lock-on switch, encapsulated auto-stop carbon brushes and switch, a quick wheel change system, an anti-vibration side handle, electronic speed stabilization, electronic soft start and a unique dust-deflecting winding protection grid to protect the motor and internal components.
The angle grinder's safety features include a tool-less guard adjustment, spindle lock and "S-Automatic" safety slip clutch to protect the operator from kickback by absorbing the torque created if the wheel binds or snags. Power interruption protection prevents restart in the event that power is lost and the switch remains in the on position, protecting the operator from injury and the work surface from damage when power is restored. With a 12.2 A motor, the small angle grinder offers 1,400 watts of power, 29.2 inch-lbs of torque and a variable, no-load speed of 7000 to 10,500 rpm.  It comes standard with a side handle, a wheel guard, an inner flange, and an outer nut. The optional ASR 2050 quiet operation vacuum that can be used in conjunction with the Surface Prep Kit ensures added safety and protection.  The heavy duty vacuum has a soft start and comes complete with easily changed pleated polyester filter cassettes, automatic filter cleaning, extra large rear wheels and industrial front swivel casters for easy maneuvering.

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