Dustless Grinding Systems and Auto-Balance Grinders that Lower Vibration Featured in Latest Metabo Product Catalog


Metabo Corporation now offers its updated 2010/2011 product catalog. Metabo's new auto-balancing system  for its small angle grinders, including the WA11-125 Quick, WEPA14-125 Quick and the WEPA14-150 Quick, is featured in the catalog.  The innovative technology significantly lowers vibration resulting in less fatigue, safer tool handling and extended tool and wheel life. The new catalog also features Metabo's new dustless concrete grinding systems available in two sizes - 5" and 7". The 5" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit with a 5" dust control shroud and small grinder is compact, lightweight and used for smaller areas and vertical applications.  The 7" Angle Grinder Surface Prep Kit, ideal for use in larger areas and floors, includes a 7" dust control shroud with a top stabilization handle and a large grinder.  Both systems protect users from harmful debris commonly generated in surface grinding applications. The catalog also includes Metabo's expansive range of other power tools, accessories and abrasives, including the new PowerMaster Series of 18-volt Lithium Ion cordless power tools that offer longer battery life via advanced cell protection and innovative cooling technologies during charging. Metabo's extensive line of accessories, including grinding, cut off and flap wheels as well as flap discs, wire wheels and double-cut solid carbide bits, widely used throughout steel, stainless steel, iron, ferrous and non-ferrous, plastic, masonry and aluminum applications, are also included.
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