DX Series Vertical Milling Machines


Dalian DX Series vertical milling machines are designed and engineered to provide precision and a long working life. These machines come with a range of features, including a one-shot lubrication system that lubricates all guideways and ballscrews. The DX Series machines have a compact configuration, and offer high machining flexibility. The body is made from treated high-grade cast iron, with hardened and ground X & Y guideways that are coated with Turcite-B. The machines feature X & Y axis ballscrews, guideways that are highly rigid with a large contacting surface, a heavy-duty alloy spindle, precision angular spindle bearings for high precision and a high-grade phosphor bronze nut for excellent wear-resistance. The head on the DX Series milling machines can swing 90º left, right, 45º front and back and rotate 360º horizontally, providing exceptional flexibility. The chrome and molybdenum spindle runs in Class 5 precision angular bearings to ensure high cutting force and extremely close tolerances. The DX milling machines are available with table sizes from 9" × 42" to 10" × 54", and table load capacities up to 770 lbs.
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