DXAdvanced R3 Data Acquisition and Display Station


- The Yokogawa DXAdvanced R3 is the newest and most capable version of the DAQSTATION data acquisition and display stations. DXAdvanced R3 includes a host of new functions- including custom graphics- users can now design custom display screens that are unique for their application. A new alarm annunciator display mode using ISA sequencing is included- the DXAdvanced R3 is now an intelligent annunciator system with data display and recording functions that can replace common annunciator lamp panels. Historical data review is much easier thanks to a new calendar display and search tool, and enhanced trend history functions. Additional functions include multi-batch recording where channels can be grouped and recorded to discrete batch records with independent start and stop control. Two model ranges are offered- DX1000 with 2-12 universal inputs, 5.5” color display; and the larger DX2000 with 4-48 universal inputs and 10.4” color display. Open network connectivity has been a hallmark feature of all DXAdvanced models. In addition to MODBUS RTU and TCP, new EtherNet/IP and PROFIBUS DP protocols aid installation on control networks. DXAdvanced R3 can interface with PLCs and other control products as a data source or to add graphical data display and recording functions. An external input option allows the DX2000 to handle up to 300 additional inputs from external I/O such as Yokogawa’s MW100 data acquisition system, for a total system capacity of 348 inputs. All DXAdvanced R3 models include 80MB or optional 200MB of non-volatile, internal flash memory, and use standard Compact Flash removable media for secure, long-term data storage. An optional USB interface supports data retrieval with USB memory devices and configuration with a USB keyboard.
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