Dymax Curing Systems Enhance 3D Printing


A Dymax UV curing system uses moderate- to high-intensity UV/Visible light for the fast curing of UV adhesives, UV coatings and UV inks. A modular UV curing flood lamp consists of a power supply, reflector housing, and standard 400 Watt metal halide bulb. Shutter assemblies, mounting stands, UV shields, and additional UV curing bulbs are available to create a custom UV curing system.

Consistent line speed, lamp height, and intensity together provide a consistent UV curing process. Dymax UV curing conveyors eliminate stray UV light despite utilizing some of the highest-intensity UV curing systems on the market.


  • Longer Bulb Warranty - these bulbs now come with a 2,000 hour warranty!
  • UV cures in 5-30 seconds
  • Worker-friendly UV flood lights
  • Complete bench-top UV curing systems available
  • UV flood lamps come with or without UV shielding and/or UV shutter assemblies
  • UV curing lamps are easily integrated into existing automated assembly systems
  • Longwave, shortwave, and visible UV curing replacement bulbs are available for unique UV curing applications
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