E-Pad control board


Great Lakes Air Systems, the leader in welding air filtration, headquartered in Clawson, Michigan, introduces the E-Pad control board.

The E-Pad controller is a touch screen panel that allows control of all aspects of the system’s function including the blower, filter differential pressure and PowerFlex system.  It provides constant monitoring with in-plant systems, tracks maintenance history, and includes a built-in diagnostic feature.  The E-Pad monitors differential pressure and system safety functions, giving you a digital readout for simplicity and versatility.  The E-pad is mounted at ground level for easy access.
About Great Lakes Air Systems and RoboVent:
    Many welding manufacturers today have experienced great challenges with fume extraction systems for their welding processes. In the manufacturing world, Production is King, and it is critical that any air quality system fits seamlessly into the current production process. RoboVent ventilation equipment, manufactured by Great Lakes Air Systems, Inc. is a complete, proven, engineered, air filtration system designed specifically for today’s production welding environment. The equipment captures and removes weld smoke so your employees can breathe clean air, your plant stays cleaner, and you save money.
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