E-Saver™ LED Replacement Lamp Saves Energy at the Loading Dock


Tired of the dim yellow glow of your incandescent dock lights and the maintenance and energy costs associated with them? Replace them with the new APS Resource® E-Saver™ LED Lamp. The E-Saver LED Lamp saves energy and your budget without sacrificing light output at the loading dock. Designed with LED optics, the PAR38 base of the E-Saver LED Lamp fits into most existing dock light housings and provides maximum illumination throughout the truck trailer while providing an extra long life expectancy to deliver a rapid return on investment. E-Saver uses only 27 watts, reduces energy costs by 80% compared to a traditional 150 watt incandescent bulb and has a 50,000 hour lamp life which saves on utility, maintenance and replacement costs.
Durable construction allows the lamp to withstand impact at the dock and the LED technology keeps the lamp head cool to the touch. Perfect for food and pharmaceutical facilities, the E-Saver LED Lamp is another way for facilities to “Go Green”.
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