“E” Series Torque-Hub® Electric Drive


Oerlikon Fairfield today announced the release of the new E01 Torque-Hub® Electric Drive to its line of zero emissions, clean technology drive solutions. The high-efficiency, electric powered planetary drive comes in a fully integrated, compact package that includes both AC and DC electric motor options, as well as an integrated static brake that is sized according to application requirements and needs.  

The E01 is the latest member of a family of electric drive solutions offered by Oerlikon Fairfield to meet the growing demand for zero emissions green alternatives to traditional drive systems. This patent-pending product has a maximum output torque of 1,000 Nm, making it an ideal propel drive system for mobile applications such as material handling, turf and lawn/garden machinery and specialty purpose industrial vehicles.

In addition to the E01 family of products, Oerlikon Fairfield specializes in custom designed hybrid and electric drive solutions for a wide range of off-highway applications that demand high-efficiency in a compact package with high performance reliability. 
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