E-Z Arm High Flow Dust Extractor Arms


The E-Z Arm High Flow series of contaminant extractor arms provides highly efficient, source-point collection and removal of dusts, powders, fumes, smoke, odors, and other contaminants before they can migrate throughout the facility to disrupt worker breathing zones, cause damage to sensitive equipment, and settle on finished goods. The Airflow Systems E-Z Arm High Flow series of contaminant extractors provides powerful, and efficient operation. Capable of handling air flow rates up to 1,500 CFM, the E-Z Arm extractor design delivers an energy consumption level of only 0.35 KW/hr at 800 CFM; 73% below a more typical level of 1.30 KW/hr at 800 CFM. 


The high-capacity air flow volume, along with the low energy consumption level of the E-Z Arm extractor is made possible by the Airflow Systems patented pawl-and-sprocket, friction-release, external arm support system. The E-Z Arm extractor’s external support design eliminates the internal supports, common with other systems, that obstruct the internal air flow path, reduce collection efficiency, and increase energy consumption. The friction-release design of the E-Z Arm extractor simplifies operator use by eliminating resistance when moved away from gravity, and engaging positively when moved to a stationary position. Operators no longer wrestle with extractor arms falling out of position, or drooping hoses interfering with visibility or work surface accessibility. 


The Airflow Systems E-Z Arm High Flow contaminant extractor arm has a large, 6.75-in. diameter; and is available in lengths of 7, 10, and 14 ft. For process-critical applications where sanitary or corrosion-resistant construction is necessary, the E-Z Arm extractor is available in 26-gauge stainless steel, with food-grade, UL-rated hose and HDPE seals, collars, and fittings.


  • Patented friction release pawl-and-sprocket design: Engages positively when positioned, yet offers no resistance when removed.
  • 7, 10, or 14-ft lengths: Provides for high-volume collection with maximum reach.
  • Strong HDPE flat base joint: Easy to install; HDPE bearing material works to seal base without collars or fittings.
  • Large 13-in. dia. inlet hood with 360-deg. flange handle: Easier hood positioning than single-handle designs.
  • Durable rounded duct constructed of 21-ga. aluminum: Withstands industrial use, yet lightweight for easy operation. Powder coated inside and outside.
  • Hi-Flow spiral wire-reinforced hose. Provides superior strength and resistance to sparks and embers.
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