Eagle-LP Small-Batch Blister Machine


Intended for stability testing and similar small-run applications, the Eagle-LP blister machine is a solution for development stages, stability testing, and initial small-batch production.


It's designed to accommodate a newer generation of more sustainable blister film substrates—ones that are typically more difficult to form and seal. The unit can easily accommodate PVC, PVDC, PET, ACLAR, ALU, and PP.


The Eagle-LP can run up to 20 cycles/min, with a blister format area of 4 x 2 in. (110 x 60 mm) and a maximum blister depth of 20 mm. It can handle forming materials up to 13 in. (320 mm) in diameter and lidding materials up to 9 in. (220 mm) in diameter. The unit is capable of both thermoforming and cold foil forming.

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