Earth Friendly Lubricants


 Tom’s Secret Formula Earth Friendly line of lubricants includes the B-404, an all-purpose household lubricant, and Garage Door Lubricant. Each earth friendly and will be available for commercial and residential use.

“We are excited about the inclusion of the Tom’s Secret Formula line into the Camie-Campbell family of superior products,” said Tom Shelby, CEO of Camie-Campbell. “B-404 and Garage Door Lubricant will allow our loyal consumers to more effectively choose which product best suits their lubrication needs, as well as provide earth friendly lubricants for the environmentally-conscious customers.”

Both products are formulated with optimized USA-grown vegetable oils and selective additives. B-404, which contains no chlorine, sulfur or regulated toxins, is safe for all metals and does not evaporate, providing long-lasting lubrication. Garage Door Lubricant surpasses the lubricity and performance of conventional garage door lubricants, making it ideal for protecting and quieting garage door parts, as well as preventing rust and loosening frozen bolts and nuts.  
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