EarthAware™, a line of eco-friendly bag film materials


Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability packaging systems, has introduced EarthAware™, a line of eco-friendly bag film materials for its AirPouch void-fill packing systems. These new films provide all the known advantages of air pillow cushioning, while lessening the environmental impact. Manufacturers and shippers now have a protective packaging option that shows their customers they care about the environment. The new EarthAware Biodegradable Film is a strong, durable linear low-density polyethylene with a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation in 9 months to five years, depending on exposure conditions. Material performance properties and shelf life remain in tact, as biodegradation only occurs when in contact with other biodegrading material, such as the conditions found in landfills, home and commercial composting. EarthAware Biodegradable Pillows are available in a standard green tint for customer awareness. The EarthAware product line also includes a new film made entirely from recycled pre-consumer bags and film scrap. EarthAware Recycled Pillows are a cost-effective alternative to other eco-friendly materials, and are also available in a standard green tint that quickly notifies customers this is an environmentally-friendly product from a company that is committed to sustainable packaging solutions. "The need for environmentally-friendly material options has become extremely important in the protective packaging industry," says Dan Fogg, Director of AirPouch Operations. "These new EarthAware biodegradable and recycled films offer a cost-effective solution that reduces waste, both in our manufacturing processes and in our landfills," Fogg added. The AirPouch Express 3 Void-Fill System produces air pillows on demand in continuous strips that can be torn away quickly and easily for fast, clean packing operations. This tabletop unit weighs just 35 pounds, requires no compressed air, and has a footprint of 21" x 9". New EarthAware material comes fan-folded in convenient sized boxes that contain 4000 linear feet of standard 1.5 mil material. Air Pouch pillow material comes in 8 inch and 10 inch widths and a variety of standard lengths. Unique EZ-Tear™ perforations enable quick and easy separation of the pillows for fast and efficient packing.
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