Easily Machine Large Diameters with Turning Center


The latest model in the PUMA 1000 series, PUMA 1000/M, incorporates a highly-rigid live tool turret and easily machines large rings, flanges, shafts, pipes and more.


The PUMA 1000/M provides a spacious working area with a maximum machining diameter of 1000 mm and a maximum machining length of 2040 mm. Most notably, the wide spindle through-hole of up to 560 mm enables the processing of long pipes and rods required for offshore plants and oil exploration.


Equipped with a two-stage gearbox featuring a high-output spindle with a maximum output of 75kW, it has the strongest cutting capacity in its class. It is also equipped with a 250 mm thick turret with a more robust design than the previous model. The adoption of a highly reliable servo motor for the turret reduces vibration during turning and milling, maximizing stability during heavy-duty cutting.


Massive front and rear chucks stabilize long workpieces for precision while a special creeping feature feeds the tailstock center into the work piece smoothly. Unlike some competitive models, the PUMA 1000B/MB incorporates special covers at the rear to keep the work area clear of coolant and chips.


To further enhance user convenience, the PUMA 1000/M provides a programmable tailstock with a built-in dead center and user-friendly Easy Operation Package (EOP) smart software program and EZ functions as standard features. Another standard feature is arbitrary speed threading, which allows the operator to change the speed during the threading cuts to eliminate chatter. Additional options can be configured to suit the customer's unique applications, such as twin chucking, vibration damping, long boring bar, automatic tool setter, linear scale, etc. 

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