Easy-to-Use Powder Applicator


Spectrum Powder Feed Center is a complete, closed-loop powder management system that provides a clean operating environment and optimum powder handling conditions, while reducing operator interaction.

It features an in-line venturi pump design for uniform powder flow.  Its unique pump and purge assembly guarantees complete cleaning of the entire powder circuit.  High-performance cleaning of the pumps, guns and delivery hose speeds color change and improves coating repeatability.  The Spectrum VT can accommodate up to 36 venturi pumps.


HDLV® dense phase pumps provide advanced features, including:

  • Patented dual chamber design for consistent powder flow rate over time
  • Linear and proportional powder output on demand, while consuming less air, passing along savings in energy consumption
  • Maintenance-free operation up to 2,000 hours for true lean process control
  • Enhanced pump performance and cleaning consistency for high quality application and contamination free color change
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