Easy-to-Use Pump System


The AutoJet® FDS30100 Fluid Delivery System, a portable, energy-efficient pump system from Spraying Systems Co., optimizes the performance of a wide range of tank cleaning and spray nozzles. The system provides many benefits including reduced chemical, water and energy use, decreased downtime and minimal manual operation.
The AutoJet FDS30100 is easy to use. All system components – pump, motor and control – are integrated in a compact portable cart for easy mobility. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) eliminates the need for control valves to throttle flow and the discharge pressure is quickly set on the intuitive touch pad. The VFD also provides an additional benefit – energy savings. The VFD automatically adjusts speed to maintain pressure and, operating at lower speeds, results in reduced energy consumption.
Nozzles suitable for use with AutoJet FDS30100 include a wide range of spray balls, tank cleaning nozzles and general purpose full cone, flat spray, hollow cone and fogging nozzles. Any nozzle or combination of nozzles can be used as long as the total flow and pressure are within the range of the pump, which is rated at 30 gpm at 100 psi (114 l/min at 6.9 bar).

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