Macro Sensors offers a complete “out-of-the-box” solution for linear position gaging with its new EAZY-GAGE Bundle. Combining spring- loaded, AC-operated LVDT position sensors with an EAZY-CAL™ Mini-Module LVDT Signal Conditioner, the EAZY-GAGE Bundle takes the guess work out of gaging applications by providing a fully calibrated and complete linear position gaging system ready for immediate operation.  Ideal applications for the EAZY-GAGE Bundle include dimensional or position measurement in automotive factories, forges and foundries (large shaft TIR measurements), metal fabricating shops, paper and/or plastic film plants, industrial process automation applications and process control. 

The EAZY-GAGE Bundle provides an easy, cost-effective solution for operators without the equipment or ability to perform calibrations; those requiring an NIST traceable calibration certificate as well as field installations where calibration is not practical.  “The “Bundle” also eliminates the need to specify electronics and gage heads from different sources and calibrating them together.

The EAZY-GAGE Bundle can be specified with a variety of Macro Sensors’ Model GHSA/R 750 Series Position Sensors (http://www.macrosensors.com/spring_loaded_lvdts.html ) that are available in stroke ranges from 0.10” to 4.00”.  These heavy-duty, spring-loaded linear position transducers offer consistent measurement in harsh dimensional gaging applications with high temperatures or hostile environments. 

Position sensors are calibrated with an EAZY-CAL™ MMX-1000 Series Mini Module (http://www.macrosensors.com/MMX_series.html ), a single channel LVDT signal conditioner that operates on a nominal 15-30V DC power input and provides either a low noise 0-10V DC or 4-20mA output. Packaged in a DIN-rail mounting thermoplastic case, the EAZY-CAL LVDT Signal Conditioners can be remotely located by up to 100+ feet to facilitate LVDT operation in extreme environments.  Cables are available in predetermined lengths from 6 to 100 feet to suit specific installations.

Each LVDT transducer and EAZY-CAL Signal Conditioner within an EAZY-GAGE Bundle is individually serialized to prevent mismatching in the field.  Every EAZY-GAGE Bundle comes with full calibration data and either a “Certificate of Calibration” or NIST traceable calibration certification.


  • takes the guess work out of gaging applications
  • stroke ranges from 0.10” to 4.00”
  • DIN-rail mounting thermoplastic case
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