ECHO ONE DK Ultrasonic Echolocation Sensor


As an ultrasonic echolocation sensor for 3D collision avoidance, the industrial grade sensor development kit ECHO ONE DK is the next level development based on the 3D ultrasonic technology which mimics a bat’s echolocation techniques. Users can achieve AGV and robotic safety. 


The sensor uses echolocation to generate robust, real-time 3D echo location data to guide autonomous systems across a variety of applications. The performance of this 3D ultrasonic sensor is particularly robust in harsh environments, as it is dirt tolerant and not affected by dust, smoke, and mist.


The sensor features 3D multi-object detection of complex and transparent objects in an ultra-short operating range from 7.9 to 118.1 in. (20 cm to 3 m). It offers a wide field-of-view of up to 180° in ultra-short range and up to 110° at 118.1 in. (3 m). Its low power consumption of 2.2 W supports a longer robot uptime, and it is fully certified according to CE, FCC, and IP67 regulation. For an easy integration, this DK comes with a CAN and USB interface and software packages.


  • 3D multi-object detection
  • Detection of complex and transparent objects
  • Ultra-wide opening angle
  • Low calibration effort
  • Reduced blind zone
  • Compact and flexible IP67 design
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