Eco-Friendly Inflatable Pouches


Inflatable Packaging Incorporated (IPI) provides innovative, eco-friendly inflatable pouches and wrap that offer unparalleled product protection during transit. AirBag’s patented design consists of multiple independent air chambers. If an individual chamber fails, the remaining chambers remain inflated, providing continued protection to the enclosed product. AirBag pouches are available in a variety of sizes and styles to protect large, small and portable electronics; consumables such as wine/liquor bottles, pharmaceuticals and toner cartridges; and much more.
Because the air chambers are filled on demand, the AirBag system minimizes use of valuable warehouse space. AirBags provide effective protection in a smaller footprint, and their light weight reduces shipping costs. IPI is also pleased to report that AirBag packaging is 100% recyclable and offers the sustainability of a reduced carbon footprint and 95% source reduction versus foam packaging.
For large and/or irregularly shaped items, IPI offers Superi-Air external packaging wrap. With characteristics and advantages similar to AirBag, Superi-Air is available in cut-to-fit rolls that are 12”, 24”, 36” or 48” wide and 820 ft. long. The see-through nature of the wrap allows for quick visual inspection of the enclosed product.


  • product protection during transit
  • multiple independent air chambers
  • available in cut-to-fit rolls
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