Eco-Friendly RACX™ Picture Frame Pallet


The new RACX™ pallet from Decade Products combines strength and economy in a lightweight one-piece design for superior performance at an affordable price. Unlike limited-use wood or corrugated pallets, RACX pallets are fabricated of recycled HDPE plastics that allow them to be used repeatedly rather than discarded. As an added benefit to the environment, RACX plastic pallets are fully recyclable to prevent further wastes from entering into the solid waste stream. And under a unique “buy-back” program, RACX pallets can be absorbed into a recycling system to defer the cost of purchasing new pallets, thereby lowering end-user costs as well as helping the environment.
With a picture frame bottom and runners on all four sides for added stability, RACX pallets are ideal for use in warehouse racking systems, as well as stack loading, closed loop transport, floor storage and automated material handling applications. RACX pallets are engineered so that the bottom pallet can handle the full static load when loaded pallets are stacked 2 or more high; and offer unsupported rack capacities up to 2,200 lbs. Available in a standard size of 48 x 40-inches, RACX pallets may be fitted with optional rubber grommets or lips to keep contents from slipping. Static load capacities are rated to 25,000 lbs., and dynamic loads to 5,000 lbs.
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