Eco-Friendly, Safety-Coated 28-Watt Fluorescent Lamps


Shat-R-Shield, the leading and largest manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps and lighting products, introduces the new eco-friendly 28-watt lamps to their safety line. These exceptional fluorescent lamps offer many popular “green” benefits over standard fluorescents.  “Our new energy-efficient T8 lamps are rated at 28-watts and over their extended service life, they’ll practically pay for themselves as standard lamp replacements,” said Shat-R-Shield President Karen Ponce.  “These lamps provide cost savings and lighting efficiency, but they’re all about reducing mercury, impact on the environment, and providing peace of mind from broken glass in the workplace, also”.

The 28-watt T8 fluorescent lamps feature extended rated-life (up to 36,000 hrs. when used on programmed start ballasts), energy-efficiency, reduced mercury, high color rendering (CRI), range of color temperatures, and brighter longer-lasting light.  At $.10/kWh, a 28-watt lamp can save $14.00 over its rated-life compared to a standard 32-watt fluorescent lamp.  Plus, the clear and tough, skin-tight Shat-R-Shield coating safely contains virtually all glass, mercury and phosphors if the lamp is accidentally broken.     

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