Eco-Grade Multi-Metal Protectant


Sprayon® Products  is proud to introduce the LU™787 Eco-Grade™ Multi-Metal Protectant  to our expanded line of industrial lubricants and protectants.

Sprayon LU™787 Eco-Grade™ Multi-Metal Protectant  is a light amber colored, heavy-duty, biodegradable, dry film corrosion preventative that penetrates into cracks and crevices of metal surfaces.

Formulated with vegetable oils, Sprayon LU™787 Eco-Grade™ Multi-Metal Protectant  is an environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil based products. This unique protectant offers 24 months of outdoor protection and can be washed off with standard soap & water, but does not come off in the rain.

• Formulated with 100% Vegtable Oils
• Soap & water clean-up but will not wash off in the rain
• Protects metal surfaces up to 24 months outdoors
• Rapidly Biodegradable – BIO OECD 301B
• Green Cert™ Certified
• Excellent water-displacer & rust inhibitor
• For use on mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, chrome parts and more


  • dry film corrosion preventative
  • environmentally friendly alternative
  • 24 months of outdoor protection
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