EcoFlex System now available on new Advance floor scrubbers for flexible, cost-efficient and green cleaning


The Advance EcoFlex System floor-scrubber technology, now available on two new floor-scrubber models, helps facilities managers and cleaning professionals maintain clean, safe and sanitary floors while contributing to facility sustainability and reducing cleaning costs. The Advance Condor® and Advance Adgressor® automatic scrubbers with EcoFlex technology provide the flexibility to select the right blend of pad pressure, water and detergent.

“Today’s cleaning professionals and facility managers are being tasked to clean with less impact to the environment, reduce costs and meet higher standards for cleanliness – all at the same time,” said Jill Kohls, marketing programs manager for Advance. “In the past, these have been dueling expectations and we know it’s put a lot of strain on people. Now, with the EcoFlex System, cleaners can meet all demands for green cleaning, cost-efficiency and high standards for clean floors without compromise.”
Designed to fit any routine, EcoFlex lets cleaning and maintenance staff clean low-traffic areas with water only, use ultra-low detergent when needed and unleash a burst of power to deep-clean and tackle dirtier areas. Efficient operation contributes to facility sustainability and reduces the cost to clean by helping cleaning staff save time, use fewer machines, and reduce water and detergent consumption.
The Advance Condor rider-scrubber offers rugged construction for cleaning in tough environments and features the most scrub-path options in its class – up to 48 inches. With a scrub path at up to 38 inches, the Advance Adgressor rider-scrubber can clean up to 46,200 ft.² in one hour – over 18,000 ft.² more per hour than a 32-inch walk-behind scrubber. Both machines are available with Advance’s EcoFlex System technology and contribute to sustainability, efficiency and high standards for cleanliness.
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