EcoTracker Rapid Radon Hotspot Locator


The EcoTracker Rapid Radon Hotspot Locator is the industry's first multi-location radon gas hotspot finder. It enables the quick, accurate, and simultaneous detection of radon over multiple locations. The solution bundles four high performance electronic radon detectors which allow radon professionals to simultaneously assess multiple locations within homes, educational facilities, care centers, or commercial buildings.  Using the locator, radon hotspots are quickly identified and thus the time spent on radon mitigation projects is shortened.


Each of the four detectors uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to simultaneously broadcast the measurements taken to the EcoTracker app installed on a user's smartphone or tablet from the Apple App or Google Play stores. All four radon measurements are displayed on a single overview screen for easy comparison. The detectors are so responsive that the first reading appears five minutes after set up when configured in sniff mode. Subsequent readings get more accurate as counting statistics improve. If desired, the detector also supports a ten-minute sniff mode or an hour-by-hour average for recording results for a few hours to multiple days.


It uses an ion chamber radon sensor, which offers industry-leading 30 CPH/pCi/L (counts per hour per pCi per liter) sensitivity performance. The solution comes complete with a protective carrying case and all necessary power accessories.


The EcoTracker solution also provides radon mitigators with an easy method to quickly determine radon levels at a jobsite in order to minimize worker exposure and to measure reductions in building radon levels once their work is completed and their installations are activated.


  • Radon Detection Type
    • Pulsed ionization chamber
  • Data Storage Interval
    • Stores every 5 min or 10 min in sniff mode
    • Stores every 60 min (moving average) in continuous radon monitoring (CRM) mode
  • Data Storage Capacity
    • 5 min sniff mode: 1 month
    • 10 min sniff mode: 2 months
    • Continuous radon monitoring mode: 1 year
  • Sensitivity
    • 30 CPH per 1pCi/L
  • Accuracy/Precision (95% confidence interval; applicable for CRM mode)
    • < ±10% at 10pCi/L after 10 hours
  • Operating Range
    • 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    • Relative Humidity < 80%
  • Measurement Range
    • 0.2 ~ 255 pCi/L (7 ~ 9,435 Bq/m³)
  • Power Consumption
    • DC 12V, 0.1A
  • Data Communication
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (Android/iOS)
  • Display
    • 0.96 in. (24.2 mm) OLED
  • Operating System
    • iOS 13 and Android 5.0 or later 
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