EDGE Motor: When Space is Critical


Nanomotion introduces the new EDGE motor, one of the smallest ceramic servo motors
in the industrial market. The EGDE motor provides 30 grams of thrust with a maximum
operating velocity of 150mm/sec. Capable of driving linear or rotary motion, the EDGE
is well suited for applications in Aerospace & Military, Medical Devices, and Industrial
The Edge motor weighs .6 grams and operates at 8 Vrms. It is supported by
Nanomotion’s dual axis ASIC which can function as a drive and control. The Edge
motor is ideal for shutter/aperture control, small medical pumps, grippers, and other


• Maximum Velocity (no load): 120 mm/sec • Dynamic Stall Force: 300 mN • Static Hold Force: 300 to 320mN • Static Stiffness: 0.06 to 0.09N/µ • Preload on Stage: 1.65 to 2.0N • Kf Force Constant: 30.5mN/VoH command with AB5 driver; 40.6mN/VoH command with AB1 Driver • Kv Force: -1.6307 Nsec/m • Offset: 2-3 V of 10 (driver dependent) • Attainable Resolution: 1µ
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