ELC 100 Safety Light Curtains


The ELC 100 safety light curtains can be used to reliably guard points of operation and are suitable for applications with an operating range of up to 19.7 ft (6 m). The high resolutions of 17 mm and 30 mm can detect fingers and hands. The protective field extends to the edge of the housing, allowing the devices to be mounted flush at the boundaries without any dead zones occurring.


The light curtains can be used for access guarding on machines and systems and safeguarding points of operation on presses. Other features include the multi-level alignment display, high shock resistance, protective fields up to 59.1 in. (1,500 mm) in length, and the ability for the cable to be oriented in any direction.


The housings are made entirely of metal. The supports with swivel function can be easily mounted into the grooves of the light curtains; the simple and dependable design enables quick installation.


  • The devices can be flexibly integrated in the machine design with little effort.
  • The simple mechanical and electrical design enables quick installation of the devices. No configuration is required.
  • The multi-level alignment display ensures fast and optimum alignment of the devices. No prior knowledge required.
  • The housings are made of metal throughout to ensure reliable operation. Their unique design also makes the ELC100s extremely shock and vibration proof.
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