Eldorado M75-48-R1 Gun Barrel Reaming Machine


The Eldorado M75-48-R1 is a single-spindle reaming machine designed for lower-volume gun barrel manufacturers. Kay's standard DeHoff reaming machine has two spindles, automated barrel loading, and automated tool handling. The Eldorado reaming machine on the other hand has only a single spindle and requires manual loading of the barrels and reamer tooling. This makes the Eldorado machine smaller and less expensive, making it perfect for low-volume barrel manufacturers.


The Eldorado M75-48-R1 has a maximum reaming diameter of 0.75 in. (19 mm) and a maximum barrel length of 36 in. (914 mm). The machine features hardened steel box ways and hand-scraped spindle housings (versus linear guideways and milled surfaces). This results in superior vibration damping, extended tool life, and improved surface finish.

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