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Exlar has launched a revolutionary improvement in electric actuator technology for the operation of control valves. Now with CSA Class I, Division 2 ratings and simplified valve configuration software, the Tritex II™ Series of electric actuators provides an ideal solution for high speed, modulating electric actuator requirements.

 Exlar’s Tritex II linear actuator combines a brushless motor, a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion and a built-in position controller. With forces up to 3685 pounds, strokes up to 18 inches and speeds up to 33 inches per second, the Tritex II redefines electric actuator capability for 100 percent duty applications. Exlar’s Tritex II linear actuator is ideally suited for control valve and damper applications requiring an extremely fast response to the smallest command signal changes without overshoot—even when friction is present.

The Tritex II is also available in a rotary configuration for ball and butterfly valves, providing continuous torque ratings up to 4000 lbf-in for modulating duty applications. The Tritex II rotary actuator allows users to directly couple the actuator to the shaft of the valve, eliminating all linear to rotary linkages and significantly reducing backlash.

Both linear and rotary models in the Tritex II Series have CSA Class I Div 2 groups A, B C and D certification, -20 to 65°C temperature range with an option for lower temperatures and IP65 and Type 4 environmental ratings. The Tritex II Series can also be mounted on any valve from any manufacturer.


  • for the operation of control valves
  • forces up to 3685 pounds
  • strokes up to 18 inches
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