Electric Drum and Tote Heaters


Benko Products, Inc. announces that its Sahara Hot Box Model E8 Electric Drum and Tote Heaters provide precise temperature control and trouble-free service. The heaters feature state-of-the-art digital controls with independent over-temperature protection, which help ensure precise temperature control. Low-watt density heaters also guarantee years of trouble-free service. 

The Sahara Hot Box Model E8 Electric Drum and Tote Heaters are portable and can be transported with a simple forklift. Each unit features a built-in spill containment pan (104-gallon capacity) and has a capacity of 8,000 lbs (eight 55-gallon drums or two totes). Each heater features steel construction, including 304 stainless steel as an option, to withstand the harshest environments, The exterior for each unit features an acrylic enamel while the interior is finished with heat-resistant silver. A 1,020 cfm air circulation blower with controls is also included. The Sahara Hot Box Model E8 is shipped completely assembled—simply set it in its place, hook-up the power supply and it’s ready for use.


  • digital controls
  • independent over-temperature protection
  • capacity of 8,000 lbs
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