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While electric lift trucks can provide a more efficient alternative to diesels, few actually provide a dependable, high-performance and fuel-efficient alternative that is built to last like the new Hyster® J80-100XN lift truck series. The brand-new electric lift truck series being debuted in North America is available in 8,000, 9,000 and 10,000 pound models, and offers a tough, environmentally friendly option for applications that were traditionally powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), such as lumber, stevedoring, heavy manufacturing and paper. “When we entered the design stage for this truck series, we knew that we wanted to offer the industry an electric truck that packed the same power that Hyster has always provided, but now in more applications where electric trucks haven’t traditionally operated,” said Jonathan Dawley, president of Hyster Distribution. 

“This series is more proof from Hyster that you don’t have to make excuses for electric trucks. It is possible to provide reliable and durable, yet intelligent and zero-emission electric lift trucks that can hold their own among ICE trucks, and we’ve done that with the J80-100XN.” The J80-100XN electric lift trucks are built to powerfully provide industry-leading maneuverability and maximum uptime in an 80-volt configuration. The new extended shift feature helps balance battery and shift life by equalizing the trucks performance and battery usage. This standard feature allows enhanced run times without recharging over long periods of time, drastically reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. The trucks utilize an advanced thermal management system to continuously monitor critical truck functions while protecting the components by automatically adjusting truck performance modes. 

The system also guards against brake degeneration through an auto deceleration system that occurs when the accelerator is released. In addition, wet disc brakes are used as opposed to drum brakes, delivering a long life and better stopping power while eliminating brake squeal and adjustments. These protective features are critical to keeping lift trucks productive and out of the shop. To improve operator comfort, minimize fatigue and increase uptime, the J80-100XN electric lift trucks feature enhanced operator controls, including a redesigned operator compartment, improved brake pedal layout and infinitely adjustable steer column. The new series also includes the exclusive VISTA™ Mast, which provides fast lift and lower speeds combined with superb visibility, greater control and increased speed and efficiency. 


  • 80-volt configuration
  • extended shift feature
  • redesigned operator compartment
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