Electric Screwdrivers


HIOS BLG-BC2 electric screwdrivers feature built-In screw counter and rotation counter for error-proofing. Tool will detect errors in screw fastening in real-time, plus identify installation errors and missing fasteners.
Its brushless motor offers high performance, high production, and low maintenance, and eliminates dust for cleaner operation. Programming is easy and user-friendly. Torque ranges from 0.1 to 2.0 Nm across the series.



The HIOS BLG-BC-2 will detect such errors as:

  • Difference in Pitch
  • Difference in Length
  • Seized Parts
  • Missing Components
  • Unseated Screw due to Obstruction
  • Failure to Drive Screw to Full Seat
  • Cross Threaded Screw
  • Cam Outs (Stripped Screw Recess)
  • Stripped Threads
  • Missing Screw
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