Electric Three Wheel Stand-Up Rider Lift Trucks


Yale Materials Handling Corporation has launched a new series of electric stand-up lift trucks—the ESC030-040AC series. The three wheel ESC030-040AC lift trucks provide dependable performance for lifting capacities of 3,000 to 4,000 lbs. in applications including retail distribution, food production and processing, general warehousing and freight transportation.
“We build performance and productivity into every one of our Yale® trucks,” said Lou Micheletto, warehouse products manager, Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “The ESC030-040AC series is no exception. The dependability it provides is a great match for dock and drive-in or drive-through rack applications.”

 The ESC030-040AC trucks deliver state-of-the-art technology that enhances the series’ reliable performance. Each truck features exclusive precision load positioning that allows operators to more precisely control the truck's position while working on an incline, such as on a dock or in a trailer, minimizing the likelihood of product damage from unintended load contact. The lift truck’s dual-steer tires, with hydraulic-actuated rack and pinion-steer axle, also provide precise, reliable control.
Standard, dual independent AC drive motors with separate drive controllers provide optimum maneuverability while turning. As the truck begins to turn, the inside motor initially slows, then stops and finally reverses to minimize the turning radius. The AC Transistor lift pump control matches pump speed with hydraulic flow requirements for increased efficiency, quieter operation and reduced maintenance.

To increase operator comfort and productivity, the dash covers include a cup holder, clip holder, and two large storage areas, and the operator compartment is lined with fully padded backrest and armrests. Even the overhead guard, which provides excellent visibility, is designed for maximum operator productivity. The operator compartment also provides a fully padded floor with a 3/4-inch thick rubber mat, a shock absorbent “isolated” floor design that reduces operator fatigue, and a low 7-inch step height to provide easy entry and exit.
The ESC030-040AC lift truck series also delivers ease of maintenance and serviceability. Service technicians can use the multifunction control handle to perform diagnostics and set-up the truck’s acceleration rate, top travel speed and hydraulic function speeds. The electrical system features CANbus communications to form one integrated system, which substantially reduces connections and wiring complexity. There are battery gates on both sides of the truck to allow the battery to be removed or maintained from either side, and the spring loaded roller design allows for easy removal and replacement of battery rollers.
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