Electric Tote Warming Oven


Benko Products, Inc. announces that its electrically heated Sahara Hot Box ovens are now available with oversized spill containment, which enables the unit to contain the full volume of the 55-gallon drum or tote in the event of a spill. Manufacturers have traditionally utilized secondary or back-up spill containment such as a nearby dyke, but the Sahara Hot Box has the capacity to contain a full tote release. The drum/tote heaters also have the ability to pump material from the tote while the tote remains in the oven. Sahara Hot Box drum ovens help heat and speed the flow of thick or viscous materials. Leading manufacturers in the chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries depend on the stainless steel Sahara Hot Box ovens to safely heat and/or melt a wide variety of greases, oils, cosmetics, plastics and adhesives, to name a few. 

Each unit features state-of-the-art digital controls with independent over-temperature protection. Low-watt density heaters ensure years of trouble-free operation. Precise temperature control is achieved through the oven’s unique controls system, which includes a thermocouple-actuated, digital temperature controller. The portable unit can be easily lifted with a forklift and features a temperature range to 350° F. Sahara Hot Box Ovens can be custom-designed to fit any tote size and are shipped completely assembled.


  • oversized spill containment
  • digital controls
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