Electrical Connectors Receive Ingress Protection


The DSN Series Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles are now IP69k rated, giving this popular line of electrical connectors the highest level of ingress protection (IP) available and the ability to withstand dust and high pressure, high temperature equipment wash-downs that are common to the food, beverage and associated processing industries.


In environments where equipment and machinery receive vigorous washdowns, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures, and high temperatures can damage electrical and electronic components beyond cost-effective repair. IP69k rated devices can avoid these problems since they are not only durable, but they are resistant to intense high pressure and high temperature washdowns needed to sanitize process equipment.


Combining the IP69K rating with Meltric's DSN Series line of Switch- and HP-rated plugs and receptacles is an ideal way to ensure safe, fast, and reliable electrical connections in intense washdown environments.


Built with Decontactor technology, Meltric's DSN Series Switch-Rated devices combine a plug, receptacle and disconnect switch in a single modular device. Using Switch-Rated devices to connect motors, machinery, and other electrical equipment instead of hard-wiring connections can dramatically reduce equipment change-out downtime and provide a safety-engineered dead-front design that prevents a user's access to live parts or risk to arc flash exposure.


Due to the DSN Series' switch ratings, users can safely and easily make and break electrical connections under full load, even in wet, and highly corrosive conditions.



  • Type 4X, IP66/IP67/IP69K
  • Switch & Horsepower rating (up to 150A and 75HP)
  • Spring-loaded, Butt-Style, Silver-Nickel Contacts
  • Dead-front Safety Shutter
  • 100 kA short circuit rated
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Lockout/Tagout provisions
  • Up to 6 auxiliary contacts

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The best choice for safety and durability.