Electrical Solutions for Pulp and Paper Processing Brochure


The Thomas & Betts (T&B) brochure, “Electrical Solutions for Pulp and Paper Processing Facilities,” outlines the company’s product solutions for the maintenance and operation of electrical systems in pulp and paper processing facilities. The brochure is organized around product groupings that provide solutions to specific challenges encountered in pulp and paper processing, such as hazardous location protection, continuous operation, sustainability, corrosion and harsh environment protection, extreme temperature protection, and liquid ingress protection, among others. It also indicates which T&B product lines are designed to address each of these issues, as well as the services and training T&B offers to support many of these lines.

“Pulp and paper processing facilities face increasing costs for energy, raw materials, shipping, insurance, regulatory compliance and environmental remediation, while dealing with flattening demand and foreign competition,” said Chad Smith, vice president, product management and engineering, at T&B. “T&B’s product solutions are designed to ensure that a facility’s electrical system is efficient, cost effective, sustainable and safe.” Examples of product solutions highlighted in the brochure are Russellstoll® pin and sleeve connectors; T&B® Fittings conduit bodies, boxes and fittings; and Ty-Rap® cable ties in stainless steel or high temperature-resistant nylon, among many other products.

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