Electrical Solutions for Systems Integrators and Panel Builders


The Thomas & Betts (T&B) brochure, “Electrical Solutions for Systems Integrators and Panel Builders,” outlines the company’s product solutions for the manufacturing and maintenance of electrical power control panels in critical systems. The brochure organizes product information in groupings that provide solutions to specific challenges encountered in systems integration and panel building, such as continuous operation, sustainability, safety, project cost reduction, reduction of stock keeping units (SKUs), space saving, liquid ingress protection, and grounding and bonding, among others. It also indicates which T&B product lines are designed to address each of these issues, as well as the services and training T&B offers.

“Electrical power control panels help keep manufacturing, environmental and other critical systems working reliably, efficiently and safely,” said Chad Smith, global product group manager, wire management and connectivity, at Thomas & Betts. “Systems integrators and panel builders face increasing demands to develop a variety of panel types for different applications, so that now almost 80 percent of panel boards are unique. This is in addition to the other demands to meet tight deadlines and cost constraints, while producing panel boards that operate safely, and without interruption.” Examples of product solutions highlighted in the brochure are Sta-Kon® crimped wire termination systems; Blackburn® Compression connectors, grounding systems and ergonomic tools; T&B® Fittings Liquidtight conduit bodies and fittings; Carlon® non-metallic enclosures; Star Teck Extreme® Director® jacketed, metal-clad cable fittings; and ABB AF Series contactors.

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