Electrically Heated Oven


No. 861 is a 250°F (121°C), special electrically heated oven is designed for drying small parts in a tray at the customer’s facility. 3 KW are installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements, while a 300 CFM, 1/3 HP recirculating blower provides vertical airflow upward through tray to the workload.


This oven holds one stainless steel tray 6 x 18 x 6 in. with a perforated bottom. The tray sets on drip trap/air diffuser which is removable for cleaning. Features include 2-in. insulated walls and Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior.


Controls on the No. 861 include a digital indicating temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors and a recirculating blower airflow safety switch.

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