Electro Wizard™ Contact Cleaner Effectively Cleans Sensitive Equipment


Electro Wizard™ Contact Cleaner from Krylon Products Group features a new patent-pending formula that instantly removes, dissolves and rinses away foreign contaminants. The product provides an effective and compliant solution for cleaning sensitive equipment and precision instruments. Electro Wizard Contact Cleaner is designed to gently and safely clean, circuit boards, precision instruments, and other sensitive equipment. The cleaner removes surface contaminants with minimal effort, evaporates instantly, and leaves behind no residue to harm or ruin the item. Designed to be non-flammable even when exposed to a direct flame, Electro Wizard Contact Cleaner can be directly applied to equipment while it is running. With extremely low VOC content, it is compliant in all 50 states and serves an alternative to HCFC-141B, a Class II ozone-depleting substance that manufacturers are phasing out to comply with Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Other applications include relays and switches, meters, radar and x-ray equipment, hydraulic and missile fuel systems, timing devices, office machines, electronic games, computer systems and memory devices, satellite communication equipment and TV-video equipment.
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