Electrostatic Lubrication System


Spraying Systems Co. has introduced a new system that extends conveyor chain life and reduces oil use. The AutoJet Electrostatic Lubrication System is ideal for use in many operations including packaging, beverage processing, chain manufacturing and can-making. The system uses electrostatic nozzles to apply lubrication to ball bearings and other key areas of the chain. Extremely high transfer efficiency – over 90% – ensures uniform coverage with minimal waste. Chain life is extended and the downtime for chain repair and maintenance due to overspray and misting is dramatically reduced. Users of the system report increases in production time up to 20%.


The Electrostatic Lubrication System consists of a PLC and up to four low-flow injector pumps and four electrostatic spray nozzles. The system sprays a negatively charged liquid which is attracted to the neutral, grounded target. The physical attraction of the liquid to the chain results in exceptional coating coverage without the waste of costly lubricants. The single-point spray nozzles can be used with a wide range of oils and lubricants.


  • extends conveyor chain life
  • high transfer efficiency
  • can be used with a wide range of oils and lubricants
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