Eliminate Clogging with Air-Cleaning Blowers


Air-Cleaning Blowers (ACBs) clean and blow air without any filter media or their malignance. Independent testing confirms that ACBs filter out 98+% of the mass of particles down to 10 microns, even under severe industrial and military conditions. Without filter elements, ACBs eliminate the clogging that varies air flows, air pressure, and energy consumption as well as all the maintenance that filter elements require. Used in heavy industry, mines, food processing, and military operations around the world, they can work unattended for long periods, even in remote locations.


The installation and operation of the Air-Cleaning Blowers is simple. As ACBs pull the ambient air through their housings, they use the particles' own momentum in a patented, novel way to separate them from the clean air. They then eject the debris back into the atmosphere from where it came, usually outdoors. Without filter media or cyclonic action, ACBs rarely clog or need maintenance. They remove large or small quantities of sand, dust, and other particles, from large particles to small—even mist and rain. Used for ventilation, pressurization, exhausting, and feed air, the powerful blowers ensure steady airflow, air pressure, and electrical consumption without the fluctuations that occur with clogging and that complicate the designing of HVAC systems. Self-contained, they are rugged yet easy to install and transport—and remove, if used in temporary applications.


ACBs can be used under heavy industrial, mining, and military conditions as well as in commercial, medical, residential, and institutional applications. ACBs can ventilate and pressurize control rooms, electrical enclosures—big and small, motor and compressor rooms, offices, and even individual workers and computers to cool them and protect them from dust. By not collecting hazardous materials, such as chemically contaminated or radioactive particles, ACBs create no hot spots to endanger maintenance people. They can also be adapted to recapture the dust, if it has value and to help keep evaporative coolers' media clean. The US NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) is using them to develop systems to produce clean air to surround and protect drillers in underground coal mines. Options include heat, explosion-proofing, and a wide variety of capacities.

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Anonymous, Corporate and Executive Management including CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Executive VP and GM
We have used the ACBs in a very dusty and hot mining operation and while we were skeptical at first at how well it would work without filter media, it has done an exceptional job.