Emergency Stop Controls


With a behind-panel depth of 18mm maximum, functional and customizable Series 84 E-Stops are ideal for newer electronic applications with compact control panels.  

Series 84 E-Stops feature single “mono-block” construction and a twist-to-release actuator allowing benefits such as single part numbers for a complete unit, ease of installation and a fail-safe design.

This functionality is complemented by durability as the Series 84 e-stops adhere to IP65 standards and are resistant to oil and water. They boast a mechanical life that exceeds 250,000 operations, which is far more than the ISO requirement of 6,050 operations. LED illumination allows for the e-stop to be visible from both the front and the side. Additional options include gold contacts, quick-connect/solder printed circuit board terminals and ribbon cable terminals.


Key advantages of the Series 84 E-stop include:

  • “Mono-block” construction
  • Meet IP65 and ISO 13850 requirements
  • Twist-to-release actuator and fail safe design
  • Rated at 3 amp, 120 v ac and 1.5 amp, 240 v ac
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation
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