EMI Filters With Optional Surge Suppression


Foster Transformer now offers three models of EMI Filters with optional surge suppression that can be mounted with ¼" quick connect terminals.  This allows them to be mounted wherever needed (including directly in front of components generating excessive interference) to control EMI.  This "at source" mounting allows multiple filters to be installed within a single piece of equipment.

Fully encapsulated construction complies with EN 133200 and UL 1283, while a UL94 VO plastic enclosure increases protection against electrical shock.  Leakage current is greatly reduced by eliminating the capacitor to earth ground connection,  a common concern in medical devices and in areas where moisture is likely to be present.  These RoHS compliant EMI Filters are ideal for filtering noise in fluorescent, HID and LED lighting ballasts, high frequency switch mode power supplies which are used in a wide range of industrial and medical applications, as well as appliances, motor control, , recreational vehicles and more (including retrofits).


  • mounted with ¼" quick connect terminals
  • RoHS compliant
  • plastic enclosure
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