EMLS/EMV Series Battery-Powered Machine Skates


A solution for moving industrial machinery up to 55 tons, the EMLS/EMV Series Battery-Powered Machine Skates are self-propelled to allow operators to position loads from a safe distance. The skates are fully compliant to the ASME B30.1 standard, reduce the overhead clearance required, and are designed especially for industrial machine movers and millwrights.


The onboard battery power source provides the capability to travel over inclines of up to 3% and across ground gaps of up to 0.55 in. (1.4 cm). Additionally, the dual-drive motors and a 360-deg. tilt swivel saddle allow for operation in small areas. When fully loaded, the skates travel up to 26 ft (8 m) per minute. Also, they run for up to 3 hours on a single charge.


  • Position loads of up to 55T with this self-propelled solution, designed specifically for machine movers
  • Single user operation allows you to quickly recoup your initial investment, tackling more projects with fewer resources
  • Maneuver around tight corners, obstacles, and even inclines up to 3% with the agile dual-drive motors and 360-deg. tilt swivel saddle
  • Runs for up to 3 hours on a single charge, giving you the potential to move loads over 3,900 ft (1,200 m) without the need to switch out the 24V battery on a single battery / single charge
  • Travels up to 26 ft (8 m) per minute fully loaded
  • Remote control keeps your operator safe by eliminating the need to manually push or pull
  • Responsive controls for precise speed adjustment allowing you to adapt to changing conditions
  • Consistent and repeatable performance allows you to reliably estimate project costs ahead of time
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